Volume One

by Pesky Bones

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    Artwork by Greg O'Connor
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I’m a little big - bigger than I was You don’t have to stare But you can applaud my radiance I’m a burning star poking in your eye You can turn away Have a little cry ‘cause of my radiance I’m a tiny flower pressed between the sheets Now the library’s on fire I shall be released in my radiance Wake up in a daze - memory’s going dark Eyes are getting dim Still there is a spark of my radiance Limbs that cannot speak - words won't find themselves Songs I’ve learnt to sing At the bottom of a well in my radiance The cigarettes I’ve smoked - the ghosts that I’ve exhaled Steadily on course The comets tail of my radiance There is no way I’m going before you’ve heard me sing Cancel the priest and take the lid right off this thing Radiance, radiance, radiance You’ve seen me fall apart and nearly die in shame Naked and sober I’m prepared to wear the blame Now there’s nowhere to hide I’m lighting up my name … in radiance, radiance, radiance I’m flaming out, I’m flaming out I’m flaming out, I’m flaming out I’m flaming out - don’t put me out
Jesus - I nearly died when she said that to me ‘Buddy now you’re on your own’, and she chopped down the tree Now she’s building me a cross Sneering where do I get off And she’s putting on that sexy black skirt And leaving me in the lurch Get me to a church Jesus - how did I miss that? In the blink of an eye All our babies grew their fangs and they learnt how to bite They’re inheriting the earth Fucking strangers giving birth And I’m praying that they never get hurt Get me to a church Get me to a church as slow as my legs can run ‘Cause there’s still some stuff I should’ve done I wanna play it in reverse Cause I know it now that I am well rehearsed At my worst Jesus - does it ever get any easier than this? Every decade stacking up - deeper gets the abyss But my bones still want to dance And I’m a lover of romance If I ever get the chance I’m gonna flirt Then I’ll convert Get me to a church
Now that our babies have grown Our babies have grown They’re looking like killers And sleeping with danger Now that our babies have grown Now that our babies drive fast … way too fast They leave without kissing And take off with our dreams We lie awake in the dark They’re gone - no goodbyes We’re left here to die We bump into mirrors And face up to our looks Have to see eye to eye But - Oh - who’d wanna leave? Not while there’s fruit on the tree There’s room on the throne Now that our babies have grown Now that our babies have grown And gone Now that our love is so long Our love … so long We speak as we leave rooms And hang on for dear life Drink the last drop ‘til it’s gone Not so fast - stay in your seat Our bones need to speak They stop what we’re thinking And will not go dancing But I’m not admitting defeat But where else could we go? Each day we’re putting on the show The great unknown … Now that our babies have grown Now that our babies have grown And gone
Look away - there’s nothing here Years ago I disappeared I was young - I was such a clown Juggling knives in Memory town I left my body in the past I knew that thing would never last This bag of bones I’m carting ‘round Was scarred and stitched in memory town You know this face? Well think again I could be any of your men When flesh was measured by the pound I left my heart in memory town I’ve burnt down every building that’s inside of me Now I’m free - I’m so free Still a shadow falls where they used to be It’s just a trick of memory … memory Was I there? Oh, I forget How it ended - the whole shipwreck I passed out - then came around All washed up in Memory Town Don’t write that book or you’ll get sued The queen herself is not amused All my ex-es can’t put it down Dog eared pages in memory town I dragged myself - pillar to post - in every face Not a trace, not a trace Try forgetting wrong turns you’ll end up just like me You can never leave, you can never leave … memory
Do you wanna dance one more time? Step by step - forget ourselves - let’s collide Dance me into sleep - so sweet - beyond love The secrets that we keep can’t speak beyond love All our crimes we’ve analysed Who was leading , who misled and who’s in denial Face to face - hold your peace There’s still some moves we haven’t tried to make our minds meet Dance into my skin - we spin beyond love Tighter than a knot - we’re caught beyond love Wider than the sky - we cry - beyond love Further than the end - and then - beyond love Beyond our murderous sins Beyond our aching limbs Peel the onionskin Beyond love With our eyes - with our hands Remember who we used to be when we danced?
To all the friends I bored to death Now I’m gone you can all catch your breath And pay my debts For levitating in the air And never sitting properly in a chair Like I wasn’t there Just because I couldn’t speak I was practicing some new technique For being oblique For all the instruments I wrecked In a desperate effort to connect Oh, I forget … If I was happy - I didn’t know If I was angry - I couldn’t let it go When I just left you there for the new frontier I didn’t wanna disappear I didn’t wanna disappear For all the doors that I crashed through The awful truth I was convinced I knew Before I knew … If I was try-hard - I was well rehearsed If I was normal - that was even worse When I exploded in your ear I didn’t wanna disappear I don’t wanna go I wanna stay right here Where everybody knows me Everybody dear Never wanna disappear
Everything’ll be ok - flying blind - flying blind Everybody goes this way - flying blind - flying blind I never thought I get this far - flying blind - flying blind Up where the angels are - flying blind - flying blind Look at you fast asleep with your eyepatch on Fallen into a heap like your bones have all gone I wanna be with you and I wanna escape Locked up in a tube pushing blindly through space Everything’ll be ok - flying blind - flying blind Everybody goes this way - flying blind - flying blind When you talk in your sleep I can’t hear what you say With the humming of the engines and the ground miles away I’m distracted by the thrill and the madness of flight Gulping in thin air with my baby tonight Are we alright ?… Flying blind Flying blind Somewhere in the atmosphere Walk on the wing and take to the air Walk on the wing and take to the air Walk on the wing and take to the air Walk on the wing - I’ll follow you anywhere All the way down the aisle - flying blind - flying blind Every step goes for miles - flying blind I never thought I get this far - flying blind - flying blind Up where the angels are - flying blind - flying blind
I’m not stupid and I’m not weak But sometimes people aren’t straight with me Sometimes I fall into despair Because nobody knows I’m there I’m not normal but just who is? Don’t know the answer but this isn’t a quiz Everyday finding one more piece And still the puzzle is incomplete But they won’t get me No they won’t get me In their pockets, with their rockets With their gleaming plugs and sockets Well I may seem small But I feel it all Intuition I know everything I only leave the house to kill A line of credit and a handful of pills Mouths to feed and babies to love I’m overwhelmed and under done I can’t comprehend this city I’m in When I get home it clings to my skin Close my eyes and it’s still in my head Who’ll turn the TV off when I’m dead? But they won’t get me But they won’t get me With their figures and their sniggers And their presidents pulling triggers Well I may seem small But I feel it all Intuition I know everything Don’t stop me now ‘cause I’m trying to love I’m caught in the maze - the push and shove There’s something inside - I gotta believe And no one’s got all the data on me So I won’t give in No I won’t give in To the violence, to the silence To the deadening compliance Cause I’m ten foot tall And I feel it all Intuition I know everything
You are here Hard to believe Just us two No one can leave Now you are mine By design Welcome home Just be yourself You’re not going Anywhere else Now you are mine By design Who designs the lives we make? What’s the cosmic plan? Are you real Am I a fake By design? Tonight is perfectly still In my dreams That is the thrill Now you are mine By design The world just doesn’t understand The way I feel tonight Does your heart beat fast as mine By design? So hush There’s no escape We’ll be lost In some other place Lost in the love that we make By design
The children are ready to burn Dreadful secrets I’ll never learn Private skins they plan to shed When the police helicopters have gone to bed The children are all in disguise Already they’re plotting our demise Like their many deceased pets They’ll let us slip away from neglect How could you leave me? Why won’t you stay? How can I set you free? The children swear - ‘oh I forget’ Buried menus - obscene texts Limbs akimbo - feet up in the air Like an alien who doesn’t understand a chair The children live on toast and jam No eye contact - doors that slam Shoes that pile up on the floor Like they don’t wanna dance no more How could you leave me? Why won’t you stay? How can I set you free? The children are ready to fly They go quiet when we happen by They got that look like ‘yeah, for sure’ Here we go - another world war How could you leave me? Why can’t you stay with me? How can I set you free? Go to sleep Go to sleep
I wanna come home I’m gonna roll over All the skeletons and bones Throw salt over my shoulder Who knows where I’ve been? But I’m still alive Don’t know what I’ve seen on the other side But I’m … Lucky Who would’ve known? Lucky I’m not alone Regrets, I’ve had a few All the lies I coulda told you But who can handle the truth? Mind if I cry on your shoulder? Who knows what I seen before I called you? You don’t know what it means just getting through to you is … Lucky - runs in the blood Lucky - arms full of love Lucky - I’m not alone In sickness and in health I know the number to dial Someone call a priest I’m thinking of heading on down the aisle Who knows where I’ll go if I fall asleep? Please stay on the phone - I wanna hear you speak I repeat Lucky - I’m kissin’ the dream Lucky - I wanna believe Lucky - I’m comin’ home Lucky - I’m not alone I’m not alone
I’m gonna stay here with you Maybe say some little words Hold your hand and breathe a while Sing the missing line I know that you’re a damaged bird Tied on to a piece of string Tethered to an imperfect world That’s coming to an end Fly away You can go lightly Fly away Don’t have to remember Fly away Fly away Fly away All of us are little flowers Sprouting amidst ancient ruins We lean towards the passing sun ’Til a shadow cuts us down Imagine you not here The garden would just fade away The air would hang still and close Absence vibrates Fly away We’ll miss you Fly away Our voices will go with you Fly away Fly away Fly away Fly away We love you Fly away Let go if you want to Fly away Fly away Fly away


Pesky Bones is a one man band with guest singers. A variety of acclaimed Australian recording artists contribute to this album. They provide a range of styles, points of view and perspectives to the age-old conundrum: can I keep it together as mortality encroaches and galaxies collide?


released October 19, 2016

Pesky Bones is Peter Farnan with:
Rebecca Barnard - vocals
Ali Barter - vocals
Shannon Birchall - double bass
Simon Burke - vocals
Paul Capsis - vocals
Deborah Conway - vocals
Tony Floyd- drums
Charles Jenkins - vocals
Paul Kelly - vocals
Sean Kelly - vocals
Emily Lubitz - vocals
Peter Maslen - drums
Richard Pleasance - double bass
Tim Rogers - vocals
Dan Tobias - vocals
Sarah Ward - vocals
All other instruments and singing by Peter Farnan

Recorded at Busy Bee and Ginger Studios
Engineered by Peter Farnan and Jimi Wyatt with additional tweaks by Ricki Rae
Mixed by Peter Farnan at Busy Bee
Mastered by Martin Pullan at Eden Sound
Produced by Peter Farnan

Special Thanks
Scot Crawford, Dean McLachlan, Bill Page, Stuart Spence, Jimi Wyatt, Jane, Maudie, Stella

A very special thanks to the following people helped get this project over the line
Marcus Allan
Frank Castel
Andrew Duffield
Julia Holt
David Harrod
Sharon Grezar
Robyn Doyle
Elizabeth Keyishian Wilks
David Wilks
Bruce Hutchins
Deviani Segal
Susie Tallman


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Pesky Bones Melbourne, Australia

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